Our Services

Our Services

Agricultural Production Facility Development

  • Winery, Greenhouse, and Cooler Development Development
  • Plan Application Processing
  • Site Evaluation & Planning
  • Project Manager Services
  • Consulting Team Management
  • Site Design, Coordination of Plan Generation
  • Constraints Analysis
  • Policy Analysis
  • Application Preparation/Submittal
  • Utilities Coordination
  • Client Representation to all Levels of Government Entities
  • Environmental Document Oversight
  • Mitigations/Conditions of Approval Negotiation
  • Public Hearing Representations
  • Construction Permitting

Agricultural Support and Accessory Structures

  • Discretionary and Ministerial Agricultural Accessory Structures Permitting
  • Farm Employee Housing
  • Septic/Well Permitting
  • Agricultural Grading Permits
  • Federal/State Permitting Processes

Estate Planning Support

  • Agricultural Lot Splits and Subdivisions
  • Agricultural Viability Assessments
  • Water/Septic Feasibility
  • Legalization of Unpermitted Structures
  • Parcel Validity Determinations

Williamson Act Contracts

  • New and Non-Renewal Contract Application Development and Submittal
  • Services and Agricultural Use Documentation
  • Hearing Representation